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2014 has been an exciting and challenging year for online marketers. Digital spending growth seems unstoppable and it’s eroding on traditional channels’ budget.

Social is becoming something more than a promise, it’s now a mature, accepted platform with new players like Snapchat constantly creating new promotion opportunities.

Other marketing channels are changing shape and being redefined by key players in the market. As an example SEO is becoming more and more challenging, old tactics are now useless when not dangerous while new ones are emerging.

Strong trends are emerging, two for all: Mobile and Video.
New buzzwords are building their ways into every marketer’s dictionary: Inbound, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking.

It’s now 2015 and everyone is down to business defining the marketing strategies for the new year. But before that, I thought it may be useful recap everything we’ve learned this year with a Slideshare powered travel from one marketing channel to the other.

Inbound & Content Marketing

Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing (156,422 Views)

If you’re still wondering what inbound marketing is, this is the go-to presentation. Don’t be intimidated by the Startup reference in the title, these awesome slides by Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of Hubspot, can be considered the bible of Inbound Marketing.

Why Content Marketing Fails (420,899 Views)

Another set of slides, another “godfather” of Inbound marketing, Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz. Most of the marketers still think that content marketing is simply about writing content. Quick tip: it’s not, and Rand does a great job explaining why and how to avoid most common errors.


The Evolution of SEO 2014 and Beyond (21,013 Views)

Very good overview of how SEO has changed in 2014 with the rise and fall of Authorship, the concept of AgentRank and the shift of CMOs from a keyword based approach to SEO to a more cross-channel content marketing strategy.

SEO Tactics to Love vs Leave (62,724 Views)

Another great deck by Moz’s Rand Fishkin on his favorite topic. In these slides Rand analyze new trends, threats posed by Google updates to online marketers, new opportunities emerging and finally debunk 7 so strategies that used to be effective but are actually no longer worth it.


The DOs DON’Ts of Facebook Ads (31,054 Views)

I may be biased as I’m the author of this slides for AdEspresso but it was the most viewed presentation on Facebook Ads in 2014, so it must not be that bad! Here I analyze the current panorama of Facebook Advertising and provide good insights to create the perfect Facebook Ads Campaign, from the design, to targeting, bidding and using custom audiences.

Just Say no To Low CTR (18,736 Views)

Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, weigh in some common Google Adwords myths and debunks them explaining why low quality ads can actually hurt your whole advertising account and dramatically improve your cost per click.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The 7 Principles of Conversion Centered Design (20,001 Views)

KissMetrics is one of the best sources for great slides and marketing suggestions. Here they are also joined by Oli Garnder from Unbounce and the result is awesome. 133 slides full of great advices on how to build effective Landing Pages that convert!

Stop leaving money on the table – Optimize your site for users and revenue (2,570 Views)

I’m sure that Conversion Rate Optimization will be one of the top trends in online marketing in 2015. In this presentation, Josh Patrice does a pretty good job explaining the basics of optimizing your pages to maximize revenues.

Social Marketing

6 Questions to Lead You to a Social Media Strategy (94,670 Views)

I simply loved this presentation. With just 6 apparently easy questions, Mark Schaefer makes you think about what’s unique about your business and how to structure your Social Media strategy. It’s pretty quick to read and it’ll make you think!

A Complete Guide To The Best Times To Post On Social Media (And More!) (230,544 Views)

I’m really happy when a data-driven content get the attention it deserves! This one by TrackMaven clearly did with more than 230,000 views. Analyzing a huge amount of data they produced an excellent study on the best times to post on Social Networks.

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing (159,422 Views)

Being a b2b guy I still don’t get Instagram that much and this presentation does an awesome job explaining the basics of Instagram Marketing for brands!

eMail Marketing

Email Marketing: Trends, Tools, and Tactics for 2014 and Beyond (21,092 Views)

Every year some marketer claims that eMail is dead. It’s not! And in this presentation you’ll learn all the best tools and tactics for an effective eMail marketing campaigns.

Get People to Open your Emails (81,225 Views)

As I just said eMail Marketing is extremely effective, but first you need your readers to open your emails. Discover how in these slides totally focused on how to write a killer eMail’s subject that will make them read what you have to say!

Final Thoughts

Until this year I was not really a “Slides Guy”, but after creating my first set of slides I really discovered a treasure in SlideShares. No wonder why all the top marketers are using it to publish their slides: It’s great for branding and provide huge exposure.

What about you? Are you using SlideShares? What were your favorite slides in 2014? Have I missed something?

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