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B2B Social Media Examples

It’s no secret that people’s time on social media continues to increase.

The pandemic has been a true turning point in such a sense, and social media engagement has never been so high. By 2025 over 4.40 billion people will be using social media, a detail that cannot be overlooked.

And if at this point you still have some doubts left, yes it does apply to your B2B brand as well.

B2B social media marketing is usually more neglected than marketing to end consumers, but it does not mean it has to be boring. By investing 12.6% of their marketing budgets, many B2B brands have already proved that their digital presence can be fun and spot-on.

That’s never been such a favorable moment in B2B social media marketing, so let’s seize it!

In this article, I’ll show you how by looking back on the online presence of some B2B brands. In the specific, we’ll see:

  • The top 5 social media platforms for B2B
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Conclusions

The top 5 platforms for B2B social media marketing

The social media landscape is littered with different channels. The channels themselves are evolving and developing new communication and marketing tools.

Each social media platform is different and requires content adjustments to convey your brand voice. But regardless of the platform, the ultimate goal is the same: To connect with your target audience in an exchange of valuable content by showcasing your products and services.

A solid social media presence is an investment for the future. In order to make it profitable, you should identify which social media channels are worth the effort. You will want to post content on the social media channels that are most likely to express your personality, connect with your target audience, and exchange the most value in a consistent way.

After having prioritized some channels over the others, it’s time to build your B2B social media presence and learn how to manage multiple accounts while integrating them into your B2B SaaS marketing strategy.

But before showing you how with some cool and relevant examples, let’s take a look at the top 5 B2B social media platforms any SaaS business should consider for their social media strategy, and why.

1. Linkedin

LinkedIn b2b examples

LinkedIn is just so much more than people looking for a job.

There are more than 774 million members spread all over 200 countries on LinkedIn. These are business decision-makers that interact, participate and express their opinion. In fact, the engagement rate is higher than on other platforms, and 40% of the users access it on a daily basis.

You are starting to think it’s a gold mine, but social media managers know better. Unfortunately, the average time spent on LinkedIn is low: 17 minutes per month.

In order to drive B2B and SaaS results on LinkedIn, there are some goals you can focus on when creating your marketing strategy:

  • Reach the decision-makers by optimizing your target audiences and your content creation
  • Create and nurture professional relationships with other platform users who are part of your business world by creating thought leadership content
  • Promote new products and services with LinkedIn ads by focusing on the innovation they are fostering
  • Follow trending topics by telling something about your brand and sharing your customer stories
  • Use a 1:1 approach with your leads by implementing your social media analytics through the Sales Navigator tool

2. Twitter

Twitter b2b examples

Started as a micro-blogging platform in 2006, with at least 500 million tweets per day Twitter is one of the top B2B and SaaS social media platforms.

Mainly used to get news and be entertained, Twitter’s tone of voice is fun, helpful, and informative.

Even if its penetration rate and communication flow are high, Twitter has a certain user base demographic: 25-34-year-olds are the most popular age group worldwide. Good to know before planning your social media marketing strategy, right?

B2B companies active on Twitter experience huge benefits in terms of brand awareness, consideration, and engagement. Despite that, you may face some difficulties in getting noticed in Twitter’s blue ocean of messages.

No worries, there are some actions you can perform on Twitter that will assure your business the maximum results:

  • Use Twitter to run ads: people take 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than on any other social media platform. Use them for remarketing campaigns and for reaching prospects who have already expressed interest in your products and services
  • Involve Hashtags within your content creation to increment the chances to be seen and associated with the people, topic, and brands you desire to
  • Boost your brand advocacy with Twitter polls: This is a direct channel to encourage feedback and conversation with your target audience
  • Become culturally relevant by expressing opinions, giving advice, solving problems, and sharing your latest content through organic marketing activities. You can also search mentions to identify threats and opportunities.

3. Instagram

Instagram b2b examples

When I was 19 and opened my account for the first time, Instagram was mainly used as a photo gallery for enthusiasts.

Time has passed, and today Instagram has become a great opportunity for B2B brands. In fact, companies active on this platform experience consistent business results: The annual Instagram advertising revenue is around $26.46 billion.

Before starting to think about your social media presence on Instagram, let’s see how to generate engagement and post relevant content:

  • Leverage user-generated content to increase retention and word of mouth
  • Prioritize image and video quality over quantity to shine on the social feed
  • Vary the feature adoption expressing your brand voice with posts, photo carousels, reels, and stories
  • Share behind-the-scenes to engage with your followers, raise curiosity, and show your success stories

4. Facebook

Facebook b2b examples

Who said that B2B companies cannot successfully use Facebook for business purposes?

Facebook is the primary content distribution channel for marketers today, and a nice slice is for business-to-business adv and content marketing activities. With 1.93 daily billion users, Facebook has a huge potential for any digital marketing campaign.

Even if B2B Facebook pages are less likely to grow organic reach than other social media, marketers and social media managers can use them to achieve great business results. How? Even in this case, focusing on the specifics of this social media platform is the key to success:

  • It is cost-effective, and this means that’s the right place for SaaS startups and B2B small businesses
  • Facebook groups are a great place to be to drive traffic to your website, get audience insights, nurture relationships, and interact with prospective customers
  • Providing customer support on Facebook could be an effective social strategy to promote customer advocacy, and look at potential brand ambassadors
  • Video content is particularly effective on Facebook: Facebook Live and Facebook Watch are some of the options you have to set up a dialogue with your target audience and make your brand voice heard clear and loud

5. YouTube

youtube b2b examples

If you are a SaaS business, you might not be much accustomed to publishing video content.

Even though, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Moreover, video marketing strategy has proved to be crucial in terms of business results: 81% of marketers say video has helped them increase sales, and it also helped 86% of marketers to generate leads.

Of course, B2B video content is different from B2C video content creation. But there are some best practices that will make it worth investing in this social media platform:

  • Keep your videos short, under 3 minutes
  • Creating content like demos and how-to explainer videos is the best way to inform and educate prospects about your brand
  • Implement SEO best practices to your high-quality content for targeting the terms your audience is looking for
  • Engage your audience through storytelling by humanizing your brand and using your brand voice

B2B and SaaS social media examples that are going to be your guiding light

Now that we warmed up a little bit with a general overview of the top 5 social media platforms for B2B, it’s time to get into it.

Planning social media campaigns for many different platforms can be overwhelming.

In reality, what you should keep in mind is that you already have anything you need. The trick is to adapt your content creation and brand voice to any single platform involved. It doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, just take the time to find your feet and adapt.

Is there a better way to do that than taking inspiration from some clever and well-performing B2B and SaaS brands? If you are looking for some juicy examples, here below you’ll find 3 SaaS social media marketing monsters that I’ve handpicked for you.

#1 HubSpot

There are plenty of social media tools capable of helping businesses to manage and improve their social media presence, and one able to outshine the competition is HubSpot.

As stated on its website, HubSpot’s mission is to help millions grow better, in the specific:

We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that they can do it with inbound. That’s why we’ve created an ecosystem uniting software, education, and community to help businesses grow better every day.

Having this in mind, let’s see how they decline their mission, values, and tone of voice into the top 5 social media platforms previously discussed.

HubSpot on Twitter

hubspot twitter b2b example

At first sight, HubSpot is trying to tell a story here: The short but effective bio, the cover and profile images, and the two hashtags are addressed both to prospects and existing customers.

hubspot twitter b2b example

Looking more into HubSpot’s Twitter profile, it’s clear that every tweet is designed to introduce the HubSpot Success Story series, which targets CEOs with a fun, ironic, and educational tone of voice:

hubspot twitter b2b example

In addition to the purpose and style, this new series includes a brand restyling in terms of the color palette: Even if orange has always marked the brand, now it makes HubSpot even more characteristic:

hubspot twitter b2b example

Besides the new series, HubSpot is really active on special days like International Women’s Day and April Fool, great opportunities to raise awareness and interact with its community by using hashtags:

hubspot twitter b2b example

Finally, social proof could not be missing on the social platform, highlighting the points of difference of HubSpot with hashtags and specific Case Studies:

hubspot twitter b2b example

HubSpot on LinkedIn

hubspot linkedin b2b example

On LinkedIn, HubSpot introduces itself in the same way it does on Twitter: cover picture + profile picture + bio work well here, too.

hubspot linkedin b2b example

However, it is immediately clear that LinkedIn has its own sections and content. Skills to add, online events to attend, job offers to apply to, and a big community to be part of.

hubspot linkedin b2b example

Through the LinkedIn lens, it is possible to discover HubSpot from the employees’ point of view and see what they do and what they care about. LinkedIn’s profile is a sneak peek of what means to work at HubSpot.

hubspot linkedin b2b example

It also allows us to know more about HubSpot, its offer, culture, campaigns, events, and people through different content types. Images, videos, articles, documents, and ads are all part of HubSpot’s LinkedIn feed where you can find something new every day.

HubSpot on Instagram

hubspot Instagram b2b example

I find bios on Instagram generally slightly different from any other social media, and here at DivbyZero we’ve even dedicated a specific article to this topic. Herewith HubSpot you can see how the profile picture and the mission statement are enriched by the community hashtag #Growbetter and the link to a selection of valuable content.

hubspot Instagram b2b example

Instagram is all about visual triggers, and the highlights section is perfect to put your content in order while adding a splash of color and customization to your SaaS and B2B Instagram profile. Here HubSpot is really essential with the name of its highlights, but it makes me tap on each one of them anyway.

hubspot Instagram b2b example

Having a look at HubSpot’s Instagram feed we can see how everything blends perfectly with the color palette and style of the B2B brand. Black, orange, sailing boats and fonts scream it out loud that we’re on HubSpot’s profile.

hubspot Instagram b2b example

But Instagram is more than pretty images, and HubSpot is offering the content variety that we are looking for. Here is a selection of videos: campaign ads, collaborations, success stories, and how-to videos ideal for mobile usability.

hubspot Instagram b2b example

Instagram’s algorithm rewards the profiles that engage with different content types like Live and Reel. And it is not energy-consuming at all: HubSpot declines the same content into different forms to increase user interactions.

hubspot Instagram b2b example

Last but not least, HubSpot is also offering a wide range of mobile-friendly guides on CRM problems and solutions.

All these different content types assure HubSpot great engagement and a full-active profile with daily posts and videos.

HubSpot on Facebook

hubspot Facebook b2b example

For this time, let’s skip the cover and profile pictures to analyze the “about” section. It is really detailed, with quick links to HubSpot’s social media, website, switchboard, and direct message. It’s quite clear that prospects and clients use Facebook for product-related assistance and info request.

hubspot Facebook b2b example

Photo albums reveal HubSpot shares events and everyday life on Facebook, like everybody else in the world.

hubspot Facebook b2b example

Besides campaign photos and videos, re-tweets, and announcements, Facebook is also the place where collaboration was born. People who meet other people and together create something beautiful and helpful. Like the exclusive Time to Bloom collection inspired by HubSpot’s #GrowBetter mission (have you seen the hashtag here btw?).

hubspot Facebook b2b example

Facebook is also the platform where to be involved in in-depth thinking and meaningful activities. HubSpot is no exception.

A little bit less active here than on Instagram, but a great job in diversifying the content and ads activities.

HubSpot on YouTube

hubspot Youtube b2b example

There’s no nice sailboat to welcome us here on YouTube but the bright orange color makes it pretty clear that we are in the reign of pirates.

hubspot Youtube b2b example

The tone of voice is slightly different here, as it is the mission and content. On YouTube, Hubspot is offering online training for the digital age. The focus is on educating and inspiring people through HubSpot tools and experience.

hubspot Youtube b2b example

The content is divided into different playlists including How-to’s, product spotlights, and customer success stories.

hubspot Youtube b2b example

Overall, on YouTube, you will find educational videos and some ads which will remind you of the new Hubspot campaign. Uploaded on average 3 times per week, Hubspot’s videos and teachers are always there to help you through your CRM journey.

HubSpot’s B2B social media strategy in a nutshell

  • High content diversification: Ads, collabs, how-tos, Success Stories, posts, and videos to name a few
  • Content coherence about the core values and style throughout every platform
  • Great consistency in publishing new content, especially on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram where they publish new stuff almost every day
  • Content is quite homogeneous on all the platforms, with more differentiation on YouTube and LinkedIn
  • High humanization with a focus on people and their opinions


The first rated sales software on the planet surely has all the instruments to maximize its B2B social media presence.

Social media success should be granted to someone who analyzes customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing to deliver teams the insights they need to close more deals:

We’re on a mission to unlock reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. So far, it seems to be working.

If you are as curious as I am to find out how declines its disruptive core into different social media posts and accounts, get yourself prepared for the following section. on Twitter

Gong b2b twitter example

If a good beginning is half the task, is already halfway to reaching social media success.

The high-quality photos combined with strict-to-the-point communication are the perfect Twitter presentation for

Gong b2b twitter example’s average tweet is directly speaking with prospects and clients, using pop culture’s references to address everyday problems at work. Other than pictures, gifs are very commonly used.

Gong b2b twitter example

The content marketing strategy on Twitter also involves brand updates, always accompanied by hashtags, tags, or website links to generate more traffic.

Gong b2b twitter example

Finally, Twitter’s space is also the perfect spot for educational purposes, activities designed for generating leads, and spreading’s culture and values.

Gong b2b twitter example on LinkedIn

Gong b2b Linkedin example

On LinkedIn keeps itself as simple and direct as possible: it advertises itself as The Revenue Intelligence Platform, and the colors and the design associated strengthen the brand image.

Gong b2b Linkedin example

Even so, the message is directed to prospects, clients, and employees. That’s why offers free, live events to spread their culture and expertise in a fun and unique way. Labs and experiences that emphasize the creative aspect of the brand.

Gong b2b Linkedin example

They are mostly employees the ones who foster innovation on LinkedIn. They are true brand advocates and participate actively in telling the brand story in their own personal way.

Gong b2b Linkedin example

Working for is a matter of culture and values, and they make it really clear on LinkedIn with posts, articles, and testimonials.

Gong b2b Linkedin example

Because employees and customers are the best brand advocates, after all. A happy customer and/or employee really makes the difference in creating curiosity and hype about something.

Gong b2b Linkedin example

And for those who don’t follow the brand on this social media platform, advertises its offer with colorful ads for lead generation purposes. on Instagram

Gong b2b Instagram example

In the Instagram game, plays according to the rules. In its bio, we can find a compelling CTA with a link to its website. No hashtag to welcome us, but let’s see what’s next.

Gong b2b Instagram example

There are no highlights to ease the content research and visualization. But in its Instagram feed, really cares about the aesthetics of its pictures, re-tweets, and images.

Gong b2b Instagram example

I think that with video content really gives its best: memes, behind the scenes, employees’ statements and success stories are interesting, fun, and beautiful to watch.

Gong b2b Instagram example

Maybe Instagram is not favorite social media platform and its social media strategies here are not as strong as on other platforms, but it is nurturing its relationships with customers and prospects effectively. on Facebook

Gong b2b Facebook example

Exactly as we have already seen with HubSpot, neither is neglecting a good “about” section below its profile and cover pictures.

Gong b2b Facebook example

Here on Facebook where memes were born, goes crazy with its photo gallery. Even if it’s really serious about its business, is the CEO of humor.

Gong b2b Facebook example

Videos are another great way to convey messages on Facebook, and on’s profile they are a lot. There also is a summary of the Reveal podcast, with a link to Apple and Spotify for the full episode.

But Facebook posts can also be basic, clear, and concise. A great balance between different content types, even if recently’s Facebook profile has suffered a setback. on YouTube

Gong b2b Youtube example

Regarding its image, is really consistent: the purple and pink colors together with the well-known statement make everybody feel immediately at home.

Gong b2b Youtube example

Even if the purpose seems educational as well, unlike HubSpot,’s tone of voice doesn’t change at all on YouTube. Fun, ironic, and confident, is ready to show us how to maximize our maximum potential.

Gong b2b Youtube example

Categorized into playlists,’s YouTube videos include customer success stories, how-to’s, and short video remakes of iconic pieces in hero movies:

Gong b2b Youtube example

It seems that is always finding a clever way to convey its message, doesn’t it?

Gong b2b Youtube example

Moreover, every single video is edited to perfection and perfectly blends into the YouTube page with its purple cover picture.

Gong b2b Youtube example

Even if they are uploaded less frequently than HubSpot’s videos,’s videos vary a lot in their content. Very interesting is the Shorts section, filled with short, vertical videos meant to be watched from mobile. For an everywhere enjoyment.’s B2B social media strategy in a nutshell

  • Brand’s voice is clear and loud through every single social channel
  • Industry insights, best practices, and everyday life are used to create original content, mostly as memes, videos, or carousels
  • Content is diversified for every single social media and always with great aesthetics. Every post, video, picture, or story makes sense for the platform where it has been posted
  • High employee engagement and a strong community are attracting more people
  • Fluctuating online presence depending on the platform, with lower consistency on Facebook (every now and then) and higher on Twitter and LinkedIn (several times/week)

#3 Slack

Chances are low that you don’t know what Slack is. Anyway, let’s introduce it a little bit: with almost 170k paying customers, Slack is the collaboration hub that brings together people, information, and the right tools to simplify communication at work.

For what concerns its mission, it aims to innovate the working life from within:

We live by our mission, and improving people’s working life starts with our own company. We’re building a platform and products we believe in — as well as a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to do the best work of their lives and support each other in the process.

Curiosity, creativity, and empowerment: let’s get a look at how Slack allocates its marketing budget to express these three values across the social media channels selected.

Slack on Twitter

Slack b2b Twitter example

Rather than with a simplistic description of the service, Slack states its mission very effectively and invites users to interact with its Twitter profile, suggesting specific actions to do based on the need.

Slack b2b Twitter example

The content marketing strategy on Twitter is multifaced and includes retweets from other Slack Twitter profiles like Slack Community. In this case, using employee advocacy, Slack posted some video content that humanizes the brand.

Slack b2b Twitter example

As seen with HubSpot, social media managers love to include Case Studies about their success. A satisfied customer is always great advertising, don’t you think?

Slack b2b Twitter example

Slack certainly knows how to squeeze the most out of its Twitter account, and the fact that it is using this platform to create content threads only confirms this.

Slack b2b Twitter example

Video tutorials and graphics are an effective way to update clients and prospects about new features and offers, everything spiced up with a clean and recognizable aesthetic.

Slack b2b Twitter example

Everyone is tired of hearing the word webinar. Instead of using the word that cannot be named, Slack is prioritizing open discussion about interesting topics. In this sense, Twitter is another social platform where to advertise online, live events on Instagram.

Slack on LinkedIn

Slack b2b Linkedin example

When it comes to the LinkedIn bio, even Slack keeps it simple: brand colors and patterns, a short mission statement, and location. Simple but effective as we’ve already seen since it gives space to more in-depth content.

Slack b2b Linkedin example

Once again, customers and employees are the best advertising. Here Slack turning its Success Stories into visual content that perfectly suits LinkedIn.

Slack b2b Linkedin example

In addition to the core values section and the focus on diversity and inclusion already seen with HubSpot and, Slack stresses its commitment to people’s well-being with the highlights of its internship program and Slack for Good program. The result is a highly customized LinkedIn profile.

Slack b2b Linkedin example

I find Slack is doing great by using different content types without resulting in obvious and predictable. The key is keeping it consistent and true to its values and cultures. The result is being able to create a conversation even when resharing a third-party article.

Slack b2b Linkedin example

And of course, even the ads on LinkedIn are interesting and compelling, using videos, images, and carousels with great design and content that makes you feel like checking it more on their website or leaving your contact details.

Slack on Instagram

Slack b2b Instagram example

Slack is the emoji master of B2B social media. And no one is about to back down on Instagram. Profile picture, mission statement, emoji, and the link to Slack’s help center are everything you need in an Instagram bio.

Slack b2b Instagram example

We’ve seen HubSpot using highlights to offer content verticals and ease user engagement. Well, Slack has taken it to the next level with plenty of verticals named with emojis, hashtags, and short descriptions. A full catalog of valuable content.

Slack b2b Instagram example

Slack’s feed on Instagram seems less curated at a first sight, but it concurs to define a spontaneous and user-friendly profile. What do you think?

Slack b2b Instagram example

Also in line with Slack’s tone of voice and style in the video section: simple, visual triggering, and engaging. Tips&tricks, behind the scend, and how-tos are the most used types of video.

Slack b2b Instagram example

Reels are usually adopted to address wider topics like Earth Day and special occasions, but also success stories and demos.

Among the three B2B brands analyzed, Slack is the less active on Instagram. Anyway, I think that 2 posts/week are the perfect balance for this kind of business.

Slack on Facebook

Slack b2b Facebook example

Maybe a little bit shorter than the others, Slack’s “about” section on Facebook has a short description of the B2B brand, a link to the website, and the email address.

Slack b2b Facebook example

Facebook posts are great for announcements, events, inspiration, motivation, and celebrating important occasions like Earth Day. Slack uses Facebook for different content types and communication but is always on-spot.

Slack b2b Facebook example

Slack’s photo gallery on Facebook reveals a great effort. It is clear it’s a brand’s profile, with clean aesthetics and beautiful design.

Slack b2b Facebook example

The same effort can be found in every single video published. Emoticons tell stories, give advice, and explain how to master Slack.

It seems a winning strategy for Slack resulting in high engagement and daily uploads.

Slack on YouTube

Slack b2b Youtube example

This is the first time a SaaS brand from this list uses a plain, no-statement cover picture. Yes, of course, we understand it is Slack from the pattern and colors, but at a first sight, it seems a little bit empty.

Slack b2b Youtube example

While opening Slack’s YouTube profile and being welcomed by the empty cover picture, a video introduction starts to play. Even if not in the cover picture, the brand statement “Where the future works” can be found in the pinned-up video automatically played.

Slack b2b Youtube example

As already seen with HubSpot and, further brand info can be found in the description box. From this description, it seems that Slack has no educational purposes at all here on YouTube. On the contrary, Slack presents a brief history of the brand.

Slack b2b Youtube example

The playlist section confirms that YouTube for Slack is not 100% educational. Social media marketing here is all about the B2B brand, how to use it, and implement it in everyday work life.

Slack b2b Youtube example

New content is published 2 or 3 times/week, favoring short videos with demos, experiences, and brief histories about how things are evolving and how Slack makes it better.

Slack b2b Youtube example

I find very effective the vertical series about specific actions with Slack, it is a brilliant idea to ease the tool adoption and answer specific problems in a short and simple way. Then, everything brings to the “learn more” link to Slack’s website.

Slack’s B2B social media strategy in a nutshell

  • Content pills are widely used, and platforms like YouTube meant for longer content are not fully exploited by Slack
  • Design and aesthetics do play an important role in expressing its personality but also in conveying the message. Emojis are GREAT!
  • High content originality, because B2B and SaaS brands do not have to be boring at any cost
  • Content is not limited to Slack’s offer. Anything your audience is interested in can be discussed on your social media accounts
  • Always beautiful, Slack’s posts and videos increase or decrease in design performance depending on the platform
  • There’s abundance of new content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, while YouTube and Instagram reveal a less active audience

Social media wrap-up

As we’ve seen above, each platform is an ingredient able to add a specific flavor and texture to your social media recipe.

Making these top 5 social media part of your digital marketing strategy will optimize your brand’s outcomes while saving money. No matter the platform, the content, and the frequency you post, testing out each one of these 5 social media will make it possible for your brand to identify its niche and outperform.

Maybe you’ve been told there is an ideal social media for B2B and SaaS purposes. Truth is it really depends on your objectives and audience.

The best part is that social media are a low-cost experiment: Whether you use them to reach business decision-makers, generate leads, for paid advertising, or connect with your people it’s worth having some key social accounts and generating benefits throughout the whole funnel.

Of course, you don’t have to crush it on every single social media. Just have fun involving your customers and employees in this social media journey. I’m sure you will learn something more about your brand along the ride!

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